DRACAENA ‘Janet Craig’ – 8″


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Dracaena Janet Craig is an excellent low-light indoor plant. Janet Graig dracaena does not like heat. Recommended maximum temperature is 90° degrees Fahrenheit. Cold damage will occur around 35° degrees Fahrenheit or if plants are exposed to 55° degrees Fahrenheit or lower for a week. Janet Craig needs a well-drained potting soil. A mixture of peat and pine bark with perhaps 10% sand.
Stay away from adding perlite on Dracaenas because of fluoride problems that build up. Fluoride shows up on Dracaenas as brown tips or burn. It is recommended to allow tap water to sit for 24 hours before use to allow and chemicals to dissipate. It is best to avoid wet or dry extremes. You will do much better keeping this green dracaena on the dry side.


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