Dyckia- 4″


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Dyckia are unfussy, hardy, little plants that thrive even in slightly neglectful conditions.
They are bromeliads sharing that group’s characteristic rosette shape. They are not technically succulents, as they do not store water in their leaves, but they do have similar thick, waxy foliage. Dyckia are xeriscape plants and can withstand long periods without moisture. Dyckia need full sun and temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
While actively growing, the plants need regular water to produce happy plants. The soil should not be soggy but evenly moist at all times. Use a saucer under potted plants to keep the roots from sitting in water but allow for evaporation and consistent humidity. In winter, when growth is dormant, you may reduce the amount of water by half. Non-toxic to pets.


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