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Depending on the size of the amaryllis bulb, it should be planted in a 5-7″ pot with a drainage hole. Place a small stone over the drainage hole to prevent potting soil from washing out of the bottom. Add potting soil to the bottom of the container and then hold the bulb in the container so that once filled with soil, approximately 1/3 of the bulb is exposed above the soil line. Slightly pack the soil down around the bulb. You also want the soil line to be about ½ inch below the container rim to make it easier to water. For a finished look, sprinkle some small stones on the soil surface. Bring the planted container to the kitchen sink and thoroughly water with lukewarm water. Place in an area that remains at least 60°. Ideal temperatures for sprouting and growth are at 70-75°. Water only when the top 1″ of soil is dry. It's best to keep the bulbs slightly on the drier side to prevent rotting. Now be patient and wait for the bulb to start growing. Depending on the variety, this could take 2-8 weeks. Once the bulb has sent up growth, move to a sunny window. Once flowers form, move to a slightly cooler location to extend the blooming time.


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