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This very colorful early-, mid-, and late-blooming flower mix benefits pollinators all season long. An extraordinary blend of annual and perennial flowers yields nectar and pollen for wild bees, honey bees, and other pollinators, and is suitable for short-tongued and long-tongued bees. Sow in maintained landscapes such as garden beds, borders, and managed meadows. Varieties include:

Forget-Me-Not, Chinese – Cynoglossum amabile
Wallflower, Siberian – Cheiranthus allionii
Poppy, California, Orange – Eschscholzia californica
Coneflower, Purple – Echinacea purpurea
Aster, China, Single Mix – Callistephus chinensis
Poppy,Corn, Mixed – Papaver rhoeas
Coreopsis, Lance Leaved – Coreopsis lanceolata
Flax, Blue – Linum lewisii
Baby Blue-Eyes – Nemophila menziesii
Tidy-Tips – Layia platyglossa
Gilia, Globe – Gilia capitata
Coreopsis, Plains – Coreopsis tinctoria
Sweet Alyssum, Tall White – Lobularia maritima
Hyssop, Purple Giant – Agastache rugosa
Daisy, Fleabane – Erigeron annuus
Aster, New England – Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
Bergamot – Monarda fistulosa


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