GEOGENANTHUS ciliatus- 6″


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Geogenanthus Ciliatus also called the GEO plant for short, is a rare new plant. Its leaves grow bright green with a thick purple stripe, and as they mature they become glossy purple or nearly black. They have tuberous roots, branching rhizomes, and fragrance-free flowers.
In nature, this plant grows as a groundcover under the shade of larger plants, therefore, medium or artificial light is the best. Protect from direct sun. It requires lots of watering and should never be allowed to dry out completely. Keep evenly moist but not soggy.
Well-draining soil is a really important: one part perlite or orchid bark to three parts potting mix is ideal.
Geogenanthus plants absolutely thrive on humidity. Misting frequently is a good idea. Your geo plant will be most happy in a bathroom or terrarium. Keep above 50F.
Non-toxic to pets.


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