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Super easy to force into bloom, Paperwhite Narcissus will fill your home with flowers and fragrance. They will bloom anywhere from 4-6 weeks after planting. To create a longer season of blooms, plant a container every 2-3 weeks.

Growing in rocks:
Place about 2″ of stones, rocks or marbles into your container or glass vase that does not have a drainage hole. Next place your paperwhite bulbs on top of the rocks with roots facing down. The bulbs can be very close together. Add a few rocks between the bulbs to help keep them in place. Add water so that it just touches the base of the bulbs. Don't have the bulbs submerged in water as this could lead to rotting.

Growing in soil:
Add potting soil to your shallow container which must a drainage hole to within about 2″ from the top. Place paperwhites on the soil with the roots down and bulbs nearly touching. Add additional soil around the bulbs but keep the tips exposed. A few small stones can be added on top of the soil to create a more finished look as well as to help hold the bulbs in place. Water thoroughly in your kitchen sink with lukewarm water until water until it drains out of the bottom hole. Set the watered container on a protective saucer.

Set your planted container in a cool location out of direct sunlight to allow for root formation.
For bulbs planted in rocks, add water when the level is about ½” below the bulbs. For plants in soil, water when the soil is dry about 1″ below the surface. After roots and shoots have formed in a few weeks move the container to a bright indirect light location where they will continue to grow and set blooms.

After the bulbs are done blooming toss them in your compost pile as they will not bloom again.


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