RHIPSALIS Lepismium cruciforme- 4″


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The Lepismium Cruciforme has a very unique appearance. The stems are very long, up to 20 inches each. They are thick and fleshy, with numerous segments on each stem.
The stems are covered in small, whitish thorns. While the thorns look prickly, they are actually quite soft and will not pierce your skin if you accidentally touch them. The stems themselves are green, but develop a reddish tinge when exposed to full sun.
This succulent, being native to rainforest areas, is not used to intense direct sunlight and will wilt and die if it is left in the sun for prolonged periods. The Lepismium Cruciforme needs filtered sun with dappled shade. If it is kept outdoors, it should be placed in a position where it will receive a few hours of sunlight in the earlier part of the morning, before the sun becomes too hot, with light shade for the rest of the day. During the dormant winter months, the plant can be moved to a cool room that gets minimal sunlight. As soon as it starts to come out of the dormant period, in early spring, buds will start to develop. This is the time to move your Lepismium Cruciforme to a warmer room that gets more natural light.The Lepismium Cruciforme is not at all drought-resistant. It needs a lot of water in order to flourish.


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