TILLANDSIA stricta- Blooming


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The Tillandsia stricta is a small to medium sized air plant that has thick green leaves that grow upwards spiraling along the center of the plant. This variety of Tillandsia is usually a rich, dark green color. The plant will eventually produce a spike that is the same green coloring of the plant, and soon after will produce brilliant pink/purple hued flowers. The Tillandsia stricta is a hardy, low-maintenance specimen. Most air plants thrive in bright, indirect light. Too much direct sun can burn its foliage. To hydrate submerge your air plant in a bowl of clean water and let it soak it for 10 to 30 minutes. If your Tillandsia stricta is flowering at the time, be sure to keep the delicate flower out of the water to prevent damage. When finished soaking, remove your plant from the water and shake out any excess water hiding in the leaves. Check your plant after a couple of hours to ensure that it is completely dried off. If water sits too long in the leaves and core of the plant, it can cause rot.


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