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This slow-growing plant has a trailing growth habit. The leaves are thick, lance-shaped, about five inches long, and deep green with red edging. The amount of light the plant receives determines the depth of the red shading. Hoya wayetii also produces lovely, sweet-smelling clusters of mauve flowers in the springtime. Plants may not bloom for the first couple of years.
When the plant has finished blooming, be careful not to damage the flower’s base (peduncles). Damaging these parts prevents re-blooming. Wayetii plants love lots of light, avoid placing your plant in direct sun as this causes leaves to burn. Instead, place the plant several feet away from a window with bright light. Do not overwater.
Use distilled water or rainwater for watering plants. If using tap water allow the water to sit for 24 before use.
Prefers very humid conditions


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